re·gale (verb): entertain, delight or amuse (someone) with talk.
lavishly supply (someone) with food or drink.


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Insiders Guide to Ubud

Nothing inspires holistic wellbeing and healing more than a small peaceful island in Southeast Asia like Bali, with all its natural and cultural features. The island's wellness retreats have it all: beautiful nature, centuries-old tradition, and ancient wisdom to hoist travelers' physical and mental health.

As clique as it might seem to visit Bali, practice yoga, eat clean, and "finding yourself" in this whimsical wonderland… this was a part of Bali I had always envisioned.

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Coconut Milk Yogurt

If you have given up dairy products and miss having a creamy yogurt, you are in the right place! I’m going to share with you a recipe on how to prepare a delicious homemade Coconut Milk Yogurt.

It’s dairy-free, paleo, probiotic, prebiotic, very thick and very very satisfying. What more could you want? A good gluten-free granola and fresh berries to go with it, of course!


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