Best 100 Travel Tips and Hacks


Visit Istanbul - Photo Credit: Valerie Fidan, RamblistPreparing before trip is the best idea for who want to go abroad, here are 100 of the best tips from Thedepartureboard site : BEFORE TRIP PLANNING

  1. Sign up to sites and Airline mailing lists for details of offers and deals.

  2. Start reading travelogues, blog posts and guidebooks about your chosen destination. Not only will this give you ideas of attractions and places to eat, but, will get you orientated around a new place.

  3. Sign up to Airline Frequent Flyer of Hotel Points schemes to save money on future holidays.

  4. Check the expiry dates of your Passports to stop an embarrassing situation. Yep, I actually know someone this happened to. Also many countries require at least 6 months left on your passport prior to entry.

  5. When you have decided where you want to go, check if you require a Visa and how long they take to process.